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Horoscope sign Scorpio

Today's Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio in one Line - Most Scorpions are recovering from a phase that was marked with hypocrisy and pretense.

Personality (82%)

You may show extraordinary leadership qualities through your personality today. You may act as a born leader, moving crowds, swaying crowds and compelling them to listen to you. You confidence and daring voice may cause many to submit to you spontaneously and they may crave to be guided by you and stay under your wings.

Finance (64%)

Stars indicate recovery from losses due to family’s help but you still need to pay enough attention to your financial sector as the status of this sector is still quite volatile. You may get temporary respite from your financial issues but to stabilize the sector, you need to tread with great financial wisdom.

Career (73%)

Stars indicate career growth. Your superior might start recognizing your skills and talents and you may come into his or her good books. That’ll spearhead your career progress. You may be rewarded with a prestigious designation and may gather a lot of experience through it

Health (64%)

Stress and stress-related disorders like irritability, indigestion, hyperacidity, and sleeplessness might have made your life a bundle of troubles. Today is the day to try out all the possible health restorative measures and then reap their benefits.

Luck (52%)

Luck factor seems to be fluctuating for you today. Some domains of life like career, education might prove pretty lucky while other domains like health, love may not be as you wished for. You need to stay calm and use your will power under all circumstances. There goes an inspirational saying that with Will power, one can change ‘destiny’. You may wear a red colored outfit to boost your luck factor

Education (83%)

Today is the day when student might receive some fruitful guidance, advice and support from their seniors or mentors. The guidance they receive will charge them up, encourage them, and will help them to regain lost focus in study related matters.

Love (45%)

You and your partner are differing on some cardinal issues. That might create unrest in your emotional world and tension in the relationship. Talk it out with your partner. Open communication can level the odds and make it ‘even’. So, make efforts to sort things out today.

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