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Horoscope sign Sagittarius

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius in one Line - Most Sagittarians are likely to be super involved with building a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Personality: (84%):

Sagittarius is a Fiery Sign. Following are the three nakshatras. Moola; Purva Ashada and Uttra Ashada (1) Pada. People born in this nakshatra are self-centric but helpful. This rashi is ruled by Jupiter.You will continue to be impressive through intellectual discussions. Remain grounded. As you can be easily carried away by the easy flow. 

Career: (85%): 

Your ability to present your ideas will be applauded. Just make it a point to execute it in a timely manner. The results will be rewarding.

Finance: (84%):

Good time to earn via speculation. Especially in the stock market. Make sure you stick to the stop loss with out fail.

Health: (86%):

Health will continue to remain robust. Please maintain your diet and exercise. Some time you will be sleepy. If time permits, please take a break.

Education: (86%):

Students learning foreign language will be given an opportunity to practise the same. Make the most of it. You will stand to gain from the same.

Luck: (85%):

Luck and fortune will be on your side. Thanks to Moon and Jupiter. The duo will energise your fortunes. They will help in your achievements today.

Love: (85%):

Please control your temperament. Since, Saturn and Mars in your signcan make you emotionally disturbed at times. Else you will be very romantic to please your partner.

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