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Horoscope sign Sagittarius

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius in one Line - Most Sagittarians are likely to be super involved with building a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Personality: (81%):

Again, a Fiery Sign. Following are the three nakshatras. Moola; Purva Ashada and Uttara Ashada (1) Pada. People born in this nakshatra are self-centred but helpful. Moon is in the house of progeny and intelligence. You will seek happiness through children. Some of you will spend good time with your children. Your intelligence will be high. This is radiating straight upon the house of gains. Therefore, intelligence will add up to your gains. Some of you will he high on religious activity today. This will bring peace of mind to you. You may also participate in social activities today which will bring good name to you. The day will end on a peaceful note. 

Finance (81%):

Native investing in stock market are sure to succeed. Speculation will bring in good results. Thanks to Moon in the house of speculative income.  

Career (86%):

Intelligence will help you to address pending activity. Your superiors will speak highly of your dedication. This will keep you in good books.

Health (61%):

Saturn is in the house of loss. He would soon turn direct. Some of you may suffer from stomach related problems. If serious, please consult a doctor.

Luck (71%):

Dragon’s head is moving to the house of obstacles. This will not be good for most of you as you will see some unforeseen event troubling you. Luck will slowly slip to some hardships. 

Education (76%):

Some of you will underperform in your tests. Venus and Jupiter are helping you. But Saturn would demand hard work from your side.     

Love (93%): 

This is the most happening phase for you. Moon in the house of romance and Venus in the house of opponents. You will see great support from your partner.         

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