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Horoscope sign Pisces

Today's Pisces Horoscope

Pisces in one Line - Pisceans have to control their wanderlust and stop their imagination from blowing out of control..

Personality (79%): 

Pisces is a Water Sign. The three nakshatras of this sign are Purva Bhadra (4), Uttra Bhadra Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra. People born under this sign are diplomatic and kind hearted. Jupiter is the sign lord.The confusion will slightly subside. Thanks to fast moving planet Moon. But, you will be very choosy now which will irritate others. Please ensure you give and take in the bargain.

Career: (79%):

Those expecting for a new addition of business will get one. But yes, the rewards will be moderate. The good part is that the new business will expand your scope of activities.

Finance: (79%):

You may at times be frustrated due to low income. But do not lose your cool. Time is about to improve. Until then miscellaneous income will be helpful.

Health: (79%):

If suffering from bulged Varicose veins related problems, then the day will be severe. Please consult for some massage. This will give you solace. 

Education: (79%):

Learning will be excellent Students will find it easy to retain knowledge. They will seek good preparation. This will improve their confidence for the day.

Luck: (79%): 

Efforts and luck will be balanced. They will be full of achievements, but with luck and efforts together. Kindly spend the day accordingly.

Love: (79%):

Please do not be demanding. Do not be attracted toward beauty alone. Aesthetic value will be abstract. Soon you will realise this. 

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