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Horoscope sign Pisces

Today's Pisces Horoscope

Pisces in one Line - Pisceans have to control their wanderlust and stop their imagination from blowing out of control..

Personality (79%): 

This is a Water Sign. The three nakshatras of this sign are Purva Bhadra (4), Uttara Bhadra Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra. People born in this sign are diplomatic and kind-hearted. Some of you will be philosophical today. Your inclination on religious activity will be high. Some of you will undertake house warming exercise. If not, you would plan it soon. You will show diligence in your actions due to your philosophical bend of mind. However, you should keep emotions aside and then act wisely at times. Your mother would advise you on the same. Please pay heed to her golden words.        

Finance (85%):

Bank balance will multiply for some of you. Thanks to good placement of Moon and Jupiter. They are interested in helping you to earn more.  

Career (76%):

Growth may be slow. Efforts will be needed to rise in career. Saturn will turn direct and move to the house of career. Efforts will pay you good returns.          

Health (76%):

Presently health is good. But some attention would be needed. Mercury in the house of disease may lead to migraine related problems. Please consult a doctor if needed.

Luck (76%):

Saturn is in the house of luck. He would soon move away from the house of luck. Most of you will experience some improvement. 

Education (77%):

Students pursuing law will do well in Moot courts. Your debating skills will be admired. This will give you a new lease of life. Some of you may win an internship with good law firms.  

Love (79%): 

Married couples may be blessed with a new member in the family. This will delight you. Thanks to Jupiter gracing your love life. Singles may meet their partner soon.      

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