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Horoscope sign Libra

Today's Libra Horoscope

Libra in one Line - Librans are advised to move steadily towards their goals carefully filtering out all distractions.

Personality (49%)

Libra is an Airy sign: The three nakshatras that fall under this category are: Chitra (3), (4); Swathi; Vishaka (1), (2), (3) Pada. People born in this rashi are balanced but stubborn. Venus is the ruler of your sign. Do not be over aggressive. Since Moon in the house of loss will not help you in any manner. You will be advised to remain careful and cautious. The outcome will show marked improvement.

Career (49%):

Work will pile up. You will be asked to repeat some of the task that you undertake. You will feel irritated. Please do not lose your temper.

Finance (49%):  

Wasteful expenses will be high. This will deplete your savings. Try to be alert with money matters as some-one can easily deceive you today.     

Health (49%):

Health will be below average. Either constipation or loose motion is likely. Diet would need some control.  

Education: (49%):

Students will lack confidence today. You can take the help of your mentor or teacher. This will give you some confidence. Else, you can fret for silly reasons. 

Luck: (49%):

Support is lacking from all corners. Some of you will crave for more help. Please do not lose focus. Ensure that you are stable in your efforts.  

Love: (49%):

Your lack of commitment can lead to temporary break up today. Please do not lose interest in your partner. They need your help today.

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