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Horoscope sign Leo

Today's Leo Horoscope

Leo in one Line - With high expectations and charged spirits Leo is all set to conquer obstacles and emerge as a winner.


This is a Fiery sign. Three nakshatras that fall in this rashi are: Magha; Purva Phalghuni and Uttra Phalguni (1) Pada. People born in this rashi are stubborn, but Morally upright. This rashi is ruled by lord Sun. The day can be full of ego. AS you will feel that you have suddenly gained strength since the past few days has been below average. Be careful with speech, as this can spoil you day. By as much as polite as you can, since your ego can be harsh and can make you feel on top of the word.


 Be careful with money. Do not take any call out of ego, as this can lead to losses. Long term investment can be taken after proper consultations.  


If in business, then you will rule the roost. You might plan to take any off from office routine today.   


Health is improving today. Do not eat spicy as this will spoil your stomach by the end of the day. 

Luck( 60%)

Fortune and luck will be good. Your ego can say I do not need any luck today, be careful with the same. 

Education (60%)

Students if preparing for competitive exam, ensure that overconfidence does not spoil your day.


Average day for love and romance. If possible postpone any plans to date for some other day.

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