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Horoscope sign Gemini

Today's Gemini Horoscope

Gemini in one Line - The Twins should be prepared to avoid legal litigation as there are chances of them getting involved in lawsuits in this phase.

Personality (81%)

Mithun/Gemini Rashi is an Airy sign. Three Nakshatras that fall under this sign are Mrigasira (3) and (4) pada, Arudra Nakshatra and Punarvasu (1), (2) and (3) Pada. A courageous day. Some of you will undertake a quick tour to complete your pending work. This would need hard work and focus which you will invest today. Saturn is aspecting your sign and he will protect you from anyone who has ulterior motives. He will protect and reward your hard work. Some confusion would prevail at the penultimate moment. Meditation will help you in this regard. Some of you may also take the spiritual route. Overall, the day will be balanced for most of you.

Career: (81%):

If into Media, you can get some good contract to be signed today. The deal will be worth considering. This may also be a turning point for a few of you.      

Finance: (81%): 

Good day to invest in stock market. Commodity investors too will make money. The former will be better than the latter. Thanks to Moon and Jupiter complementing each other today.   

Health: (81%):

Appetite is good so is your intake of food. Just keep an eye on your weight, please. Joint pain is indicated due to overweight.

Education: (81%): 

Students pursuing creative learning, especially those learning Music and Painting will perform very well. Some of you may be blessed with an internship opportunity.     

Luck: (89%): 

There is support of luck in all walks of life. This is due to Moon and Jupiter. They are forming a Square today.  Most of you will realize that you are lucky.       

Love: (87%):

A romantic day. Partners will spend good time with each other. So do married couples. The day will end on a good note.

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