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Horoscope sign Capricorn

Today's Capricorn Horoscope

Capricorn in one Line - For the Goat, this is an enjoyable phase when all they have to do is to focus on what they enjoy the most..

Personality (49%):

Capricorn is an earthy sign. Three nakshatras in this sign Uttra Ashada (2), (3) and (4) pada; Shraavana and Dhanishta Nakshatra. People born in this Rashi are practical, however “Me first” in attitude. Saturn rules this sign. Moon has moved to the house of obstacle. You will be in low profile. Please avoid arguments. You will be blamed for no other reason.        

Career (49%):

Career will be under stress. You will feel disturbed. The day will be poor in terms of achievements.     

Finance (49%):

Spends will be on a higher side. This will have an impact on your savings. Try to maintain a balance of income and outflow.

Health: (49%):

Health will be below average. Due to fretting, you may fall sick. Please keep your self-charged.

Education: (49%):

Students will lack interest in learning. This will affect their preparation. Try to manage your daily routine with strict schedule.

Luck: (49%):

Luck and fortune will not be on your side. But efforts will not go in vein. Please relay more on efforts today.

Love: (49%):

Love and romance will take a back seat. This will be due to poor understanding with each other. Personality clash cannot be ruled out. 

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